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Shelly Willingham is a dedicated representative who supports education in all forms, including public, charter, and private schools. He is committed to ensuring that medical decisions are made by doctors and their patients, not insurance companies, bureaucrats, and politicians. Shelly also advocates for a strong business climate that attracts local and regional business projects, creating more jobs and opportunities. With his professional approach, Shelly Willingham is an excellent choice for those seeking someone who truly cares about their community. Shelly’s passion for service and the political process drives his work for citizens in our community.
I have always believed that our children are the vessels to a future that many of us will never see. I know that we must prepare them now by providing the greatest gifts, unconditional love and attention. I know that my compassion for our youth, dates back to my years as a member of the Student Body Government at Elizabeth City State University, whether tutoring and mentoring students, providing words of wisdom and encouragement, reading to children or helping to prepare them to become positive contributors in our community, I always find time for young people because I believe pouring positivity into our youth leads to a better, stronger community. 
I also believe that families are the backbone of our communities. They are the base that help shape individuals and neighborhoods. More importantly, strong families are the launching pad for well- adjusted children. We must recognize the importance of healthy families and strong communities by emphasizing a greater emotional, social, physical, spiritual and financial investment in our children.
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